Update: Biathlon training can continue under COVID-19 restrictions

By November 27, 2020March 11th, 2021No Comments

Although we are very happy that the training in our clubs can continue we are aware that the current situation requires all Albertans to do their very best to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and we ask all our members to follow these rules strictly as we want to avoid at all costs that our training will be shut down in the future!
Training rules as of November 27, 2020


– The group size can not exceed 10 people (including coaches).
– No indoor group training (i.e. strength training)
1 on 1 indoor training is allowed! (Please see the “Travel” part below for travel out of your zone. You can check the status map HERE)
Gyms can be open for individual studio time, training or exercise only. There can be no group fitness, group classes, group training, team practices or games/competition.
A group is three or more people.
– All protocols (i.e. health checks before training, etc.) need to continue
– Physical distancing and wearing masks when physical distancing is not possible.


Athletes and coaches can travel to the ranges for their training sessions as these sessions.
Athletes and coaches that are travelling from an “enhanced” to an “open” area or the other way around CANNOT participate in any INDOOR activity!
All activities need to be outdoors should you leave your zone and need to be organized under the already established regulations of a 10 people group size and physical distancing/mask-wearing.

These measures will be in place for a minimum of three weeks and will be adjusted after that time in alignment with the case and hospitalization trends and with an understanding of whether these activities are a source of transmission.