National Championships

The 2022 Canadian National Championships will be held from March 11-17, 2022, in Prince George, BC.

You can find the invitation to the event HERE.

More information on the logistics can be found HERE.

Hotel information can be found HERE.

Biathlon Alberta will support the top Alberta athletes at the 2022 Canadian National Championships. You can find the 2022 Nomination Criteria HERE.

Pre-selected athletes that are registered for the 2022 National Championships

2021-22 Percentages – Senior Boys/Girls

2021-22 Percentages – IBU categories  


2020 Canadian National Championships- Valcartier, QC

The 2020 Canadian National Championships will be held in Valcartier, QC between March 16 – 22, 2020.

For the first time will the National Championships be club and not provincial based event. That means that athletes will register through their clubs and represent them during the competitions.

Biathlon Alberta will nominate a provincial team which will receive support for the National Championships.

Please find the nomination criteria here:

2020 Team AB Nomination-criteria

2019 Canadian National Championships – Whistler, BC

The 2019 Canadian National Championships will be held in Whistler, BC between March 26 – 31 2019.

Please find the nomination criteria here:

Team Alberta criteria for Nationals


2018 Canadian National Championships – Charlo, NB

Results – Sprint, Pursuit, Relay, Mass Start/Individual


Team Alberta Selection Criteria

Coach and Wax Technicians Application Form

2017 Canadian National Championships – Canmore, AB


March 8 – Sprint

2017 North American Championships – Sprint

2017 Canadian Championships – Sprint

Kurvinen Data – AM Sprint

Kurvinen Data – PM Sprint

March 9 – Individual

2017 North American Championships – Individual

2017 Canadian Championships – Individual

Kurvinen Data – AM Individual

Kurvinen Data – PM Individual

March 11 – Pursuit

2017 North American Championships – Pursuit

2017 Canadian Championships – Pursuit

Kurvinen Data – AM Pursuit

Kurvinen Data – PM Pursuit

March 12 – Relay

2017 North American Championships – Relay

2017 Canadian Championships – Relay

Kurvinen Data – AM Relay

Kurvinen Data – PM Relay

Jan 30 – Appeals to the selection process for 2017 Nationals are due by Friday, February 3, 2017 at 4:00 pm. No appeals will be accepted after that time. All appeals must be made in writing (email) to Athletes will be notified of a decision by February 9, 2017.


Team Alberta Selection Criteria

Selection Percentages – IBU Categories

Selection Percentages – Senior Boy/Girl Categories

Selection Percentages – Master Categories

Update to the Selection and Sanctioning Process

2016 Canadian National Championships – Valcartier, Quebec



March 16 AM Sprint

March 16 PM Sprint

March 17 AM Pursuit

March 17 PM Pursuit

March 19 AM Mass Start/Individual

March 19 PM Individual

March 20 AM Relays

March 20 PM Relays

February 10, 2016 – Athletes receiving either Selected or Sanctioned status for 2016 National Championships were e-mailed a letter Tuesday, February 9, 2016. If you are on the Selected or Sanctioned lists and did not receive a letter, please contact the Biathlon Alberta office at

Appeals to the selection process for 2016 Nationals are due by Friday, February 12 at 12:00 pm. A decision will be rendered no later than February 19. All appeals must be made in writing to

Team AB Selection Document – National Biathlon Championships , March 15 – 20, Valcartier, Quebec

Final Selection Percentages – IBU category athletes

Final Selection Percentages – Senior Boy/Girl athletes

FInal Selection Percentages – Masters athletes

Race Invitation

2015 Canadian/North American Championships – Hinton

Athlete Agreement (.doc) For all athletes to complete!

Athlete Information Sheet (.xls) For all athletes to complete!

Selection Percentages – IBU-category athletes

Selection Percentages – Senior Boy/Girl athletes

2015 Selection Documents – Canada Games, National Championships

Canada Winter Games, February 13 – 21, Prince George

National Biathlon Championships, March 10 – 15, Hinton

2014 Canadian National Championships – Charlo, New Brunswick


Athlete Agreement (.docx) For all athletes to complete!

Athlete Information Sheet (.xls) For all athletes to complete!


Below are percentages for selection to Team Alberta – 2014 National Championships. Athletes with “Selected” and “Eligible for Sanction” status will receive letters, via email, by February 5th.

2014 NCH Selection Percentages

2014 National Championships

Team Alberta selection criteria


The selection document for the 2014 Western Canadian Championships Tour is available here.

Athlete Agreement


All selection competitions are now complete – percentages are available below:

IBU categories /Senior Boy/Girl categories

Important information for athletes:

Selected athletes and athletes eligible for sanctioning will receive invitation letters for the National Championships Tour by the end of this week. Athletes have until February 13th to confirm their participation.

Athletes wishing to appeal their status, or make a Force Majeure claim, must do so prior to February 12th. Appeals must be made in writing and sent to


The selection criteria document for Team Alberta – 2013 National Championships has been updated. View the updated document here.