New COVID-19 restrictions will come into effect!

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Dear Nordiq Alberta and Biathlon Alberta Member Clubs,

On May 4th, the Government of Alberta put additional health measures in place for high case regions in an attempt to slow the transmission of COVID19. Included in these new measures is the end of all outdoor sport and recreation activities unless they are taking place as a family or, in the case of living alone, your two close contacts. This will be effective as of 11:59pm on May 9th, and will continue for a minimum of three weeks. We understand that this news can place challenges on clubs that are in the early stages of their spring training, but ask that we all do our part to help get this virus under control and keep our communities safe. During the time of the restrictions, clubs are not to travel to low-risk zones in order to continue training and instead we ask you to modify programming to allow for athletes to train on their own until these measures are lifted.

For a full list of affected regions, please visit:

Nordiq Alberta and Biathlon Alberta would like to thank you all for your perseverance, adaptability, and willingness to work with us throughout these difficult months.