Biathlon Alberta invites to a virtual NCCP Community Coaching: Biathlon Program Leader Workshop a.k.a. Gold Coach course!

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Biathlon Alberta invites all coaches that want to take their NCCP Community Coaching Leader Workshop (a.k.a. Gold coaching course) to a virtual coaching course on June 25 – 26, 2021!


Friday, June 25, 2021, 5-9pm (4 hours, includes 1 x 15 minute break)   

Modules 1 setting the scene and 3 safe sport

Saturday, June 26, 2021, 9am – 3pm (6 hours, includes 30 min lunch and 2 x 15 minute breaks)     

Modules 2 tasks of the program leader, 4 Biathlon Bears Program, 5 wrap-ups and looking ahead*

There will be approximately 1.5 hours of reading to do in the week prior to this course starting. To maximize learning please complete the following online courses through your Locker eLearning before this course starts MED making ethical decisions & EAP emergency action plan

If you have questions about the workshop content, prerequisites or complimentary required courses (MED, EAP) you can contact the Learning Facilitator, Robyn Williams directly at 403-681-8097


To attend Biathlon Program Leader Workshop (aka Gold Coach)

Membership paid-up

Attended Biathlon Trainer Workshop (aka Silver Coach)

Completed 20 hours of trainer mentorship and had LF submit the form to Biathlon Canada.

EAP online through The Locker eLearning14 years +

To complete Biathlon Program Leader Workshop 16 years +MED online through The Locker eLearning (done before or after the course)Fire Arms Safety course membership paid-up Evaluation by a Community Sport Evaluator

You can register for the course at zone4 between June 10, 2021 and June 23rd.

The course fees will be $75.00