Another great team for Alberta’s athletes in Quebec!

By March 16, 2023March 20th, 2023No Comments

Alberta’s athletes keep bringing home medals! Our Alberta athletes could collect 13 more medals today and have now after two days of competitions 27 medals in total!

Today’s medalists are:

Haldan Borglum, Men, SILVER

Bjorn Baergen, Youth Men, GOLD

Liam Tinworth, Youth Men, BRONZE

Justin Konoff, Senior Boys, GOLD

Luke Hulshof, Senior Boys, SILVER

Anna Sellers, Women, SILVER (Alberta member, racing for Sovereign)

Anne Mierjovsky, Women, BRONZE

Anna Perry, Junior Women, GOLD

Danika Burke, Junior Women, SILVER

Desiree Paradis, Youth Women, GOLD

Flora Csonka, Senior Girls, BRONZE

Eric Lemee, Masters 35, GOLD

Jeannot Desaulniers, Masters 50, BRONZE

Jacqueline Hutchinson, Masters 50, SILVER

Deb Hall, Masters 50, BRONZE

Please find the full result sets below: