A message from Biathlon Alberta’s President, Clayton Paradis.

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The Board of Directors and our President, Clayton Paradis, hope that you are all healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty and unknown. Please take a moment to read Clayton’s message to all Biathlon Alberta members and friends.

As we support you in this extraordinary time, we think it is important to tell you as athletes to focus on your own general health and safety first. The long-term health effects due to C-19 aren’t very well understood at this time, however, we are aware of some research which indicates there may be some risk of lasting detrimental effects on lung function and capacity. That’s not good news for athletes! Please make smart choices as you stay active.Take social distancing, self-isolation, and handwashing seriously. If you NEED to get together with friends for workouts then travel separately, maintain 2 metres distance at all times, train with only one or two other athletes, and choose locations with few other people.You may also be aware that National Parks are now closed indefinitely. You may travel through, but no stopping or parking anywhere. We can only assume the Provincial Parks will follow suit.Thank you all and stay safe.Regards,Clayton