Biathlon Alberta is looking for Nominations!

To nominate someone the Ruedi Setz or Coach of the Year award please email no later than August 25, 2017

Awards descriptions are below:

Ruedi Setz Memorial Award

The Ruedi Setz Memorial Award was established in Ruedi’s memory by his family following his sudden death in November 1989. Ruedi Setz was an enthusiastic builder of the sport of Biathlon – a strong competitor who was one of Alberta’s premier athletes.

The award will honour a biathlete who has performed well in the sport, displayed exemplary standards of sportsmanship, and made a significant contribution in assisting the development of the sport. The recipient will not necessarily have exhibited the highest performance level during the competition year.

3M Coach of the Year Award

The 3M Coach of the Year Award is presented annually to the Biathlon Alberta Coach who demonstrates respect for officials, opponents, and parents while espousing a philosophy of fair play. This coach demonstrates concern for the all-round development of the athlete, and instills guidelines reflecting responsible conduct beyond the playing field. Furthermore, this coach presents by example a positive image of coaching, applies relevant training theory and coaching techniques, and demonstrates the ability to improve the athletic performance of a team or individual.